Hello there!!!

My name is Momina… I am a craft loving person who wants to make everything look unique and different… besides being a craftaholic,a big part of me is shopaholic… shopping and crafting are my hobbies… oops forgot to mention that I also love travelling and did I tell you that I like baking too?? also I am a fangirl somewhere deep inside… so I am a mixed kinda personality like many others of you… so lets take a short little tour of “about me”:)

My craftaholic side

Crafting is something that I would like to describe as my hobby no.1… my mind works primarily on creating something new and different… I won’t say that what I make is perfect or that I am a pro but ya all know that practice makes perfect:) and the main thing is that we should do is to keep going… so I am that kind of person who keeps trying and of course fails many times and then be like “better luck next time”but its not like that I always fail… success is always there somewhere you just need to be patient!!!:)

My shopaholic side

Shopaholic is a word that describes much of me:)… the word “sale” is one of those words which attract me the most… always having eyes on new collections of all the brands I adore and of course being the first to sit in the car when its heading towards market:) you can count me among those who are always like “i want this.i want that”:)

My fangirl side

I am not much fangirl type but it still occupies sufficient part of me to sometimes make me crazy about novels,movies and other related stuff… I am among those who shed tears at the death of their favorite fictional characters:'(… once started a triology,I am not satisfied till I reach the end… and yup my mind is occupied with the thoughts of the novels I read till about 3-4 days afterwards…

My baker side

I believe that deep in every girl there is less to more affection for baking… I am somewhere on the mild level:)… baking a cake?? no other flavor than chocolate… I love baking cakes,cookies and of course pizza!!!… wanna learn to decorate cakes like a pro(part of my bucket list) … you can count me among those who love to lick cake mix off the spoon:) and yea I love semi baked kinda wet cakes….yyuuummm!!!!

so this was a short introduction of Momina… short?? yea short because everyone’s personality is as vast as sea or even more,full of mysteries which can not be defined in five paragraphs so its short indeed… I tried my best to present before you guys a summary of “about me” hope you guys like it…:)

p.s: I am a really friendly person… it doesn’t take me long to be friends with someone… and I love making friends… so if you drop by,don’t forget to say “Hi”:)

Contact: creativistics1@gmail.com