DIY Sparkly Phone Case


Woah… so the last time I posted on my blog was like 6 months ago… phew no wonder how time passes this fast… all this time my studies have kept me away from my blog and now I am posting when there are only 2 and a half months left from my exams… well for now i am like just forget the exams and YOLO!!!

So today I am here to share with you all the tutorial to make this dazzling phone case because who doesn’t like glitter? so like all other tutorials we will begin with the supplies I used and here they are:


  • Mod podge
  • Mod podge DM
  • A spare phone case
  • Fimo canes and blade to cut them
  • Brush
  • Mini pearls
  • And everything in your craft stash that sparkles…xD



First I applied mod podge to the entire surface of the phone case using a brush and covered it completely with glitter as you can see.


Next I added rhinestones, fimo canes, mini pearls and star confetti. Doesn’t it look pretty like this?


Then I covered it with a layer of one of my most favorite products of the mod podge range i.e mod podge DM… Once dry, it forms a transparent plastic like layer on the surface and secures everything in place beneath it… no chance of any of the rhinestone or embellishment to fall off…


And TADA!!! here’s how it looks…. When I took this phone case to college for the first time, all my friends were amazed to know that it was handmade… they didn’t believe it for a second but a crafter knows how to make such things possible and I believe that there’s a hidden crafter in every living being…

So what are you waiting for? Eid is around the corner so why not have a phone case matching with your outfit?

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Remember me in your prayers.

Stay tuned for what’s next.

Have a nice day




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