Baker’s Hub Haul And Review


Today I am going to share my mini baking supplies haul from an awesome facebook page Baker’s Hub… Online shopping is quite much trending these days and now everyone can find whatever they want online at quite reasonable prices…

I am fond of online shopping for many reasons among which one is that there is no salesman’s shadow stick to you… Shopping from brands’ official websites is quite absolute thing and you don’t have any doubt about the quality of the products you have ordered… But shopping from a facebook page is a sort of hit or miss decision… But luckily I have always got the right stuff from every facebook page I have shopped from… Since few months I were in a search of good quality nozzles in reasonable price which I were unable to find locally… So I started searching for them online… Different pages sold them for different prices but the most reasonable price I found online was on this page… The first impression of the page was not much appealing… There was not much variety of products and one cannot expect much from a page with about 1500 likes… And moreover there were not much reviews as well… Despite all this, I still wanted to give it a try… So I made a mini order of some of the stuff I needed and trust me it was one of my best online shopping experience ever… The prices are very reasonable and the quality of products is awesome… The delivery was super fast…Even my mom,who always see my craft supplies parcels as a waste, was very much satisfied… So here are the detailed pictures and descriptions of the stuff I ordered



A pack of 1oo piece disposable pipping bags and 24 pieces nozzles set with all the basic designs… the pipping bags were for 200 rupees and nozzles for 550 rupees…


I wanted to buy the steel nail but those were unavailable so the page owner recommended me to buy these and I am glad that I followed his advise… This cake decorating flower nail set has three different sizes nails for flowers and one for cupcakes too!!! It costed 220 rupees…


And I loved these paper cups especially the pink and white ones… they were 100 rupees per each pack and each has 100 pieces!!

I can’t wait to play with these goodies… Finally i g0t the right stuff to try buttercream icing with…I must say that I highly recommend this page and no doubt I will shop from it in future…

p.s: I am quite skeptical about shopping from facebook pages but brave enough to try them out!!! so the purpose of my such reviews is to bring before you all the authentic facebook pages through my experiences so that you can shop from them without any hesitation… I hope you find it helpful!!!

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Have a nice day!!!



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