My Paper Quilling Cards Collection


Today I will be sharing with you guys my paper quilling cards collection … I am fond of making cards… it is something I enjoy quite a lot… paper quilling cards look amazing and turn out to be very neat… although they may look a bit tricky but they are always easy to make and my first ever attempt turned out very neat…

if you are a craftaholic inside and have a passion for crafting,I bet it won’t require any practice… in these cards i cut the quilling strips myself which was the hardest part of making these cards so if you are provided with the strips then it’s just a piece of cake for you… although I once bought quilling strips but they were 5mm which I found too large to work with… I would suggest you to use less than 3mm for neat results… in these cards I have used 2.5mm… in the picture above you can see that I haven’t added captions to the cards, that’s because I add the captions according to the occasions… here are some clear and zoomed pictures of the quilling work:



This one was most liked by my family members… the most blooming…



I love the butterfly’s look in this one…



This one is my most favorite…



A little different from the others with two shades of each color used…



And the most simple yet elegant one…

I hope you guys enjoyed having a look at this little creativity of mine…

If you want any of these, feel free to contact me for placing an order…

Have a nice day!!!



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