DIY Ombre Textured Sketchbook Cover


Decorating notebooks and sketchbooks cover is something i enjoy quite a lot… it is something that allows yours one to be differentiated from others… I bought a few sketchbooks lately for myself and my sisters… I intended to decorate them… my little sister is still in that phase of life when every girl’s favorite color is “pink” so i decided to decorate her’s one in pink… although she wanted me to add butterflies too but i skipped it and doodled on my own… i wanted to make it fast,simple and easy so keeping these points in my mind i came across the idea to decorate it this way… so lets have a view of how i made this ombre textured sketchbook cover

Lets start with the supplies you would need:

Do i have to mention sketchbook? Anyways…

  • Paints(i used ordinary poster colors)

  • Mod podge

  • Mod podge DM silver glitter

  • Paint brush

  • Brush for mod podge

  • A color mixing plate

  • A toothpick(for mixing colors)


I covered the sketchbook with white paper to provide a blank canvas to work on… to paint ombre, make different shades in the mixing plate…


In order to get the brush stroke marks in the right way, i first painted the light and then dark one above it… p.s i placed the papers below cover to avoid paint from smudging on to the inner pages..


To give it a finishing look,i applied a coat of mod podge…


This is the most interesting and fun part i.e making your desired textured with the mod podge DM glitter… i love the shimmery moon dust kinda glitter in this product and the dimensional look it gives after drying was perfectly suitable for the textured look i wanted…


I doodled a random pattern on my own and i think it turned out quite well… what do you think??


I repeated the pattern till it covered the whole cover… now let dry for about an hour


And here is how it looks after its dry… It turned out very neat yet beautiful… i must regard it as a craft beginner project because no such skill or practice is required…

Hope you all like it.

Have a nice day!!!






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