DIY Turquoise Bar Necklace


The pleasure of wearing something you made yourself is real!!! that feeling you have when someone asks “where did you get that from?” and you say “i made it myself”,is one of the best feelings one can ever have… besides being a fond of buying ready made jewelry,i don’t miss a chance to make my own master pieces(xD) … so few days back when i was just surfing on the internet, i saw beautiful beads bar necklaces being sold on etsy… i thought it would be a great idea to give them a try and they turned out to be pretty amazing!!! simple yet neat and trendy…. and i must say that every jewelry making beginner should give it a try… so here’s the tutorial i made:



So lets begin with the supplies… you will need only a few basic components of jewelry making that are:

  • Round nose pliers

  • Wire

  • Chain

  • Beads

  • Jump rings

  • Lobster clasp


First you have to cut the chain into two equal parts.


Now you have to cut a piece of wire and attach it to one of the parts and start adding the beads.


This is how it would look


Now slip the chain through the wire and twist it.


Cut the excess wire and push the little end into the beads..


Now add the jump rings and the lobster clasp and Voila!!!


Enjoy wearing it yourself or gift it to your friends… afterall what’s better than a handmade gift??? and to be honest it takes only 15 minutes to make this lovely and the best thing about it is that it can be customized… make your favorite color for yourself… make of colors matching with your dresses and feel trendy!!!

Planning to make one like this right?? go ahead… its totally worth it.. and yeah don’t forget to share a picture of it with me…

Have a nice day!!!



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