Shopping Hub Pakistan Haul And Review

Hello lovelies!!!

Today I am going to share my mini jewelry haul from the Shopping Hub Pakistan, a facebook page that deals in jewelry. I am quite skeptical about buying jewelry online

and this is my first online jewelry shopping and the thing that tempted me to buy from this page was the chained H and M ear cuffs… since long I have been looking for good chained ear cuffs but never found any design according to my taste so when I saw these ear cuffs I was like these were really meant for me… so I had to make order… I really didn’t need anything else but in order to avoid the shipping charges,I added few more things… so lets take a view14359179_1796289453982621_7049694910795224143_n

Everything came well packed in a fine black box…


I started with opening the plastic bag of the ear cuffs,which were the need of time for me and they really met my expectations… I loved they way they looked on the ear… they costed 680 rupees….


The next thing was the coin necklace… I am not much fond of necklaces and barely wear them… so the first thought was when would I wear it??? that’s because I mostly wear band collars and such necklaces don’t look pretty with them… I tried this necklace with my only open neckline and it looked gorgeous… it also costed 680 rupees…


The third and the last thing is this cute little parrot ring which I added to make my order cross 1500 rupees because shipping was free above it… It looked very nice on the finger… it costed 160 rupees….

My overall review is that they provide very good quality stuff… exactly as shown in their pictures… although I found them a bit expensive but its your choice… shipping is very fast… I do recommend this page



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