DIY Sparkly Phone Case


Woah… so the last time I posted on my blog was like 6 months ago… phew no wonder how time passes this fast… all this time my studies have kept me away from my blog and now I am posting when there are only 2 and a half months left from my exams… well for now i am like just forget the exams and YOLO!!!

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DIY Ombre Textured Sketchbook Cover


Decorating notebooks and sketchbooks cover is something i enjoy quite a lot… it is something that allows yours one to be differentiated from others… I bought a few sketchbooks lately for myself and my sisters… I intended to decorate them… my little sister is still in that phase of life when every girl’s favorite color is “pink” so i decided to decorate her’s one in pink… although she wanted me to add butterflies too but i skipped it and doodled on my own… i wanted to make it fast,simple and easy so keeping these points in my mind i came across the idea to decorate it this way… so lets have a view of how i made this ombre textured sketchbook coverRead More »

DIY Turquoise Bar Necklace


The pleasure of wearing something you made yourself is real!!! that feeling you have when someone asks “where did you get that from?” and you say “i made it myself”,is one of the best feelings one can ever have… besides being a fond of buying ready made jewelry,i don’t miss a chance to make my own master pieces(xD) … so few days back when i was just surfing on the internet, i saw beautiful beads bar necklaces being sold on etsy… i thought it would be a great idea to give them a try and they turned out to be pretty amazing!!! simple yet neat and trendy…. and i must say that every jewelry making beginner should give it a try… so here’s the tutorial i made:

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